An emerging global community

Exploring the co-evolution of Portuguese-speaking cultures in the Internet era

Welcome to the Lusosphere

“Cantando espalharei por toda parte,
Se a tanto me ajudar o engenho e arte.”

The Lusiads by Luis Vaz de Camões (1572)


This site explores prospects for a global Lusophone community. It is focusing on such questions as –

  • What kind of global Lusosphere culture may emerge from today’s geographically separated Portuguese-speaking communities, as digital technologies spread connections across national borders?
  • How might a global Lusophone culture affect the language and customs of individual countries that make up today’s Lusosphere?
  • Will Brazilian models for digital educational and cultural exchange meet the expectations of Lusophone communities around the world?

These are questions that we will be exploring in this web site, and in our new book project on…

Brazil and the Emergence of the Digital Lusosphere


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